Transformational Healing Work with Nancy Kahn

If you have been looking for an opportunity to move past old limitations and to deepen your spiritual connection, and if you are ready to expand your commitment to your personal growth and empowerment, consider transformational healing work with Nancy Kahn.

Transformational healing work with Nancy Kahn is an opportunity for you to move through old blocks and limitations that have been holding you back for a long time, and to grow spiritually in a more focused way. Together we will craft a program to assist you with releasing the past, and evolving and growing into a fulfilling life that you love, a life where you express your greatest potentials and gifts.

In this work, I draw upon my knowledge of astrological counseling, hypnotherapy, voice dialogue and past life regression to assist you in identifying and releasing the attitudes and issues that hinder you from creating the deepest dreams of your heart.

How does this process work?

Let’s imagine that the deepest dream of your heart is to find a life partner. We would first look at your astrological chart for the patterns that are hindering your ability to attract the right person. We would investigate your transits in order to see what is coming up for you over the next year in the partnership area. We would also use hypnotherapy and, possibly, voice dialogue, to help you to get in touch with and to release the memories of the past that are interfering with your partnership goals. I would use my counseling and coaching skills to assist you in defining and taking your next steps toward meeting your life partner.

How many sessions does the transformation process take??

For each person the number of sessions will be different. Some may want to work for one year, some for one month. This work requires a committment from you verbally for a minimum of 5 sessions of work together. You can always add more sessions if you want to.

These sessions could be at any interval you choose. They can be once a week, once every 2 weeks or once a month. This gives you time to move through and to transform old patterns with feed-back and guidance.

“Nancy’s genuine intuitive ability, coupled with her skilled use of traditional therapy, hypnotherapy, astrological charting, and past life regression, has allowed me more core-level healing in a safe, relaxed, spiritually-centered environment of love than I ever knew was possible. It is a remarkable and life-changing experience.” Mary Scott