The Astrology of the Inner Family
by Nancy Kahn
An exciting and dynamic new book
which explores psychological and spiritual astrology

The Astrology of the Inner Family will provide you with a firm and very clear foundation in psychological astrology. It will help you to understand the way in which you were impacted by your early relationship with your parents, and how these patterns are influencing your present relationships, health, career, work, self esteem and finances. You will gain insight into the best way to work with these early parental issues. Guided inner journeys are provided throughout the book to assist you in healing and releasing the past.

This book uses the language of astrology to introduce you to a cast of “inner characters:” the Inner Child, Inner Mother, Inner Father, Inner Male, and Inner Female. Each of these characters represents a different part of your own consciousness. The book defines each part so that you get a clear sense of how it works within your psyche, and which planet represents this part in your chart.

Until these parts of ourselves learn to work together, it is difficult to successfully and joyously utilize all of our power and potential in the outer world, or to create successful relationships. As we work to get these parts of our inner being to harmonize, we are, in effect, being given a wonderful opportunity to move through and heal all kinds of difficult past-life karma and present life psychological issues.

The Astrology of the Inner Family contains a section on the Early Developmental Phases of Childhood and the Planets that rule them. This will help you to identify whether you have been wounded in any of the early phases of childhood and the kind of healing that needs to take place.

This book focuses on two major psychological themes — the Astrology of Childhood and the relationship of your Inner Child and Inner Parents, and The Astrology of Relationship, an exploration of your Inner Male and Inner Female and their relationship to each other. The goal is to aid you in gaining a deeper insight into your self, and an understanding of the next steps that you need to take in order to fulfill the deepest dreams of your heart. Guided inner journeys are provided throughout the book, to accelerate and to help you with your own individual healing process.

The spiritual and psychological wisdom contained in The Astrology of the Inner Family comes out of my many years of experience as a professional astrologer, past-life regressionist, and clinical hypnotherapist, in which I have counseled and taught thousands of clients and students.