What is Coaching for Life?

Welcome to Coaching for Life, home of life coach and spiritual advisor, Nancy Kahn. Nancy draws on her knowledge of life and people to offer you coaching from the heart, to help you to move into a deeper level of empowerment and fulfillment.

Nancy is available for coaching on any issue. For example, feeling stuck, problems with financial abundance or relationships. She would particularly like to offer this service to those who are experiencing a crisis of faith, and who need some help moving into a deeper level of faith and trust.

Nancy has been coaching people for years as a professional astrologer. Now she is creating a separate coaching service, one in which she may draw on her knowledge of astrology, hypnotherapy, and past life regression where these seem appropriate. Nancy can help you to draw up a plan for your future with “future life envisioning.” She can help you to get clear on your next steps for creating a fulfilling life — one that you truly love.

Nancy can be reached at 206-992-6091 or email Nancy at Nancykahn9@gmail.com

Crisis of Faith?
Meher Baba said in His Discourses that “Faith is so indispensable to life that unless it is present in some degree, life itself would be impossible.”

Sometimes life events can test our faith so severely, that it seems next to impossible to go on. This is especially true whenever there is great fear.

At this point you need coaching to help you to repair the damage. Ideally the coach has been through their own crisis of faith so that they can relate to how you are feeling, and so that they know how to take you through the dark places, back into the light.

Sometimes a look at the astrological aspects can restore faith. Sometimes a past life regression or a hypnotherapy session can help you to access core memories that relate to what your crisis is all about.

It is important that you get help. I have been through my own “Crisis of Faith.” I understand. I can help you to move through this time of questionning, fear and doubt, to re-embrace your God-given gifts, and help you to make your authentic contribution to the world.

I can help you to be in faith despite the circumstances. It is an empowering experience to have your faith challenged and bruised, and yet to continue to love God.

I would like to help you to envision your future as a Spiritual Being. You need someone to help you to make a plan for using your gifts in the future. I can help you — if only to ask you the questions that need to be asked, or to be the person who listens to what you are most confused about.

I have been an astrological consultant since 1976, coaching people in ways to live in harmony with the energy of the planets. I have had my own experience of a Crisis of Faith, and would like to provide Coaching Services to the Spiritual Community, especially to those who are experiencing a Crisis of Faith, and would like someone who knows the territory to guide them through the dark places. I can be reached at 206-992-6091 or email Nancykahn9@gmail.com.