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Nancy Kahn

You were born with certain talents and gifts that you may not be using to their fullest potential.

The astrological services you discover below can help you to enhance:

• emotional well being
• family relationships
• health
• work and career
• finances
• spiritual development
• moves and relocations

If you want to make the most out of 2019 and beyond, then this is the place to start.

Your reading will also address any current challenges you might be facing and give you suggestions about how to handle those challenges in the best possible way.

You will receive an email of each reading.  Once you open the email, you will be able to listen to the reading as often as you like.   You will also receive a copy of your chart, so you can listen and benefit from this guidance again and again at your convenience.

Call me at [206-992-6091] or e-mail me [] to schedule your reading. If you prefer to pay by credit card, just press my blue Pay Pal button that says, “Pay Now”.

If emailing, please make sure to send me your questions, your birth data (date, place and time of birth) for you and anyone else involved. I can work with anyone in the world via phone or Skype. If you live in or around Seattle, WA we can meet in person.

Here are your options, just choose the one that best fits your needs:

Birth Chart Package: Zodiac Imageyou will receive in-depth information about you and your life patterns so you can better understand and clarify your soul’s purpose, and all of your strengths, talents and gifts (even some you may not know about).

Your Birth Chart Package sheds light on the psychological and spiritual issues that may be preventing you from joyously living up to your fullest potential.  It can help you to deepen your sense of personal identity.

You’ll make some amazing discoveries about your path to future growth, and you’ll receive some straight forward strategies that can help you to resolve troublesome issues. You’ll even receive information about preventive health and what lies ahead for you in your upcoming year.

Your investment in your future is just $135 for 1 hour; $170 for 1 1/2 – 2 hours

“You gave me…renewed energy to open up again and start traveling spiritually and psychologically.” Julie Worser, Seattle

“Thank you so much for your caring and affection last week — it felt so wonderful inside! It feels good to be able to share these feelings with one who understands and yet is so accepting.” M.K., Seattle, WA

“The chart you did for me, and your analysis, was so in-depth and intuitive.  I was hooked and started doing annual charts with you…I gained so much insight and understanding from my experience with you.  It helped me to open spiritually.”  Dyan WO., Ashland, OR

Planning a Move? Thinking about relocating? Photo of rosesCertain locations are better for you than others when it comes to your health, happiness, love and success. It’s all based on where your planetary lines run through the United States and the world (Astro-Carto-Graphy).

We can relocate your chart to see how different locations will change your life, and compare your chart with some of the cities you are considering.

Imagine choosing a new location where you know that you’ll have the best chance of achieving your goals and finding personal happiness!

This relocation astrology session is worth thousands, but you’ll just invest $135 for one hour; or bring along another person for just $200.

For more information about this service, please click here: Relocation Astrology.

“…I would suggest a reading to anyone who feels restless where they are. We found Nancy to be very professional, thorough, and a delightful person who really tunes into what her clients’ needs are. I would highly recommend her services, and already have.” R. Napolitan, Idaho

In-Depth Yearly Forecast:  Photo of water lilliesAt the end of each year we get an annual “do-over,” where we say that the coming year is going to be the best year ever. Well, what if this time it actually happened!

With your In-Depth Yearly Forecast you will receive a comprehensive astrological chart update that is the perfect way to kick off your new year. You will discover the most important themes for your life by learning about your astrological progressions and transits. Updates are available year round, so it’s never too late to start fresh.

Find out what’s coming up with relationships. Improve your finances and health. Your reading addresses career success, spiritual growth, major psychological issues, and your most abundant life path for the coming year. It’s a must-have for anyone who wants the inside track on what’s in store for them in the coming year.

Your yearly forecast can be used to obtain the best times to begin any new project, business venture, move, trip, wedding, etc.

Plus, you’ll pinpoint and release any challenges and blocks that are keeping you stuck in old patterns, so that you can finally reach your full potential. A tape of your reading is provided.
Your investment is just $135 for this amazing one hour session.

“Thank you so much for your wonderful birth chart and forecast that you did for me. I cried, laughed, and got goose bumps when I was listening to it…you are truly gifted.” Jeanette Teal, Japan

“You combine extremely accurate readings with sensitivity, caring and empathy.” Debby Storms, Grayslake, IL

“Thank you for my chart update.  I found it to be one of the most inspiring you’ve ever done, which says a lot since you’ve done wonderful work for me for years.  It showed a depth of understanding of my inner dreams, desires, and patterns, giving me a good sense of clarity and direction for the year ahead.  Plus, your encouragement — based on insights into my chart — positively motivated me in all the important areas you discussed.  I transcribed the tape, and am looking forward to dipping into its wisdom all year long.”  P. Brennan, Evanston, IL

Compatibility Reading:  Photo of a couple and sunset.This is an in-depth comparison of the charts of two people, with an emphasis on mental, emotional, and sexual compatibility

You will receive a mini-reading of your chart and the chart of the person you are relating to, with an emphasis on relationship issues.

Think of what this could mean for your relationship! When you know its major themes you can make adjustments that can bring you to new levels of communication and intimacy.

You’ll get a comparison of all of your planets and a chart of the relationship itself. Once the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship have been analyzed, counseling focuses on helping you to make adjustments to facilitate mutual growth and happiness.

This is truly an investment in mutual love, contentment and long term happiness.

2 hours is just $170

“I like your light style and sense of humor. Listening to the tape (over and over) really helps reinforce what I need to learn now.” Nina Zachman, Seattle, WA

Manifesting Abundance: Photo of floral bouquetWhat’s blocking you from tapping into the financial abundance and the ideal lifestyle that you’ve been seeking? Together, we will determine this and map out a new plan of abundance for you.

Can you really manifest your true desires in life? Yes!

This may include some potent affirmations to help get you going. We can do this in one session, or you can have 4 sessions, one each quarterly, to check up on how you are doing, and use astrology to assist you in creating even more abundance. If you decide to try 4 sessions, you would get $120 off of my normal rates.

$135 for 1 session; $400 if you sign up for 4 sessions.

Medical Astrology Analysis:  Photo of flowersYour health is everything. Without it nothing else matters. That’s why your astrological chart can aid in creating a diet and lifestyle that keep you slim, happy and glowing with radiant health.

Counseling focuses on areas that could weaken over time, and ways to improve your diet and lifestyle to avoid future health problems. Your medical reading takes emotional factors into account, which may be under your radar at the moment but nevertheless are a contributing factor to your physical health challenges.

This one hour session could add years to your life!

1 hour $130

Birth Chart for Your Child:  Photo of a babyWouldn’t you like to know what your child’s gifts are and how you can help to develop them? with this incredible birth chart you will be able to identify these gifts and talents, as well as any challenges the child will encounter, while giving you clear suggestions for assisting your child in meeting them.
This should be a required reading for any new parent!

Includes a short comparison with the chart of one parent. You will receive a copy of your child’s birth chart, and a tape of the reading.

1 hour $135

On-going counseling with the chart:  Photo of rosesIf you are dealing with challenging personal issues that seem to have no light at the end of the tunnel, then we can work together, drawing on my knowledge of psychology and psychological astrology to facilitate deeper insight into your emotional and spiritual issues.

Everything is connected, and we can make those connections and seek out long term solutions that can put you on a faster road to personal improvement.

1 hour for $75; 1 1/2 hours for $105; 2 hours for $135

Question and Answer:  Sometimes we just need an answer to one question that has been gnawing at us. Questions like: “should I invest my money in this venture?”, or “should I move to this location?” or, “will this relationship result in marriage?”

This form of astrology is called “horary.” Don’t email me with your question. The chart is done from the first time, date and place when the astrologer hears the question. You do not need to have your date, place and time of birth to do this type of astrology.

It would be so calming to finally have some closure when you receive the answer you seek.

$45 per question

Transformational Healing Work with Nancy:  Photo of multi-colored roseThis is an opportunity for you to move through old blocks and limitations and to grow spiritually in a more focused way. This can open the floodgates for success, happiness and fulfillment in your life!

Together we will craft a program to assist you with releasing the past, and evolving and growing into a life that you love, a life where you express your greatest potentials and gifts.

In this work, I draw upon my knowledge of astrological counseling, hypnotherapy, voice dialogue and past life regression to assist you in releasing the attitudes and issues that hinder you from creating the deepest dreams of your heart. This could be the best investment you will ever make.

1 hour $75; 1 1/2 hours $105; 2 hours $135

E-mail Nancy at