Relocation Astrology and Astro-Carto-Graphy
by Nancy Kahn
Copyright 2008, New Spirit Journal

Sometimes a move to a new location can assist you in making changes you have always dreamed about. Relocation is one of my favorite branches of astrology. The relocation branch of astrology seeks to find the best place for a person to express all of their potentials and to find personal happiness, love, friendship, romance health, and career success. When an astrologer relocates a chart, the astrologer is attempting to find a location where the person can have a fulfilling home life, personal life, and professional life.

It can be challenging to find one place that fits all of these categories. Relocation isn’t always used for moves. Sometimes the astrologer is simply looking for fulfilling places for a person to travel, or to conduct business.

There are three major things that an astrologer can do to relocate a chart. The first, and perhaps the best known, is Astro-Carto-Graphy. Astro-Carto-Graphy is a series of complex calculations developed by deceased astrologer Jim Lewis. These calculations show where your planetary lines run through the United States and throughout the world. They help you to understand what parts of yourself (as indicated by the planetary lines) are being triggered in different places.

For example, if you are living on your Venus line, your desire to love, relate, and create would be enhanced and amplified by living there. You would find your primary values supported in this location. Venus lines are notoriously positive places for finding a partner. You would need to transform unresolved issues around relationship, partnership, and self-worth in order for your relationships to thrive.

If you are living on a Mars line, you would have lots of energy to do anything you wanted to do. Unresolved issues related to the way you take action and assert yourself would be sure to come up. You would be challenged to look at the way in which you express your personal desires and to resolve any anger issues in order to thrive in a healthy way.

Each planetary line brings both the gifts and the negative tendencies of a particular planet. The amount of stress you would experience in a particular location would have something to do with the way in which the planetary line that you are living under is aspected in your birth chart. If you choose not to live under any planetary line, then the energy of your birth chart would operate in a less biased and more natural way. Living under the line of a particular planet makes the energy of that planet uppermost in your consciousness.

The second technique that astrologers use to relocate a chart is to actually relocate the birth chart for a particular location. For example, if you were born on March 13, 1954, at 2 pm in Chicago CST, and wanted to relocate your chart for Seattle, WA, the only thing that would change is the name of the place and the latitude and longitude. The Central Standard Time Zone would remain the same. Nonetheless, you would have a very different chart!

The relocation branch of astrology seeks to find the best place for a person to express all of their potentials and to find personal happiness: love, friendship, romance, health, and career success.

The value of a relocated chart is that often several planets will shift to different houses or areas of life. Relocating a chart will show which areas of life would be emphasized in the new location. If you had a very challenging planetary configuration in the ninth house of higher educatiion, travel and philosophical development, and it moved to your eighth house by relocation, you might find that suddenly, in the new location, intimacy was much harder to achieve. Psychological issues might rapidly assume much greater significance in your life. Conversely, difficult relationship issues might become much easier in a new location.

The last technique that astrologers use for relocating the chart is to compare the chart of a person to the chart of a city that they are considering as a possible location. This is a bit more “iffy,” since most city charts are based on the first date of incorporation. Nonetheless, this data can be very interesting. It reveals which areas of your birth chart are being triggered by the chart of the
city itself. This gives you even more information about what parts of yourself will be brought out in a particular location.</[>

For example, Seattle, WA is a Scorpio city. Seattle’s Sun is conjunct Mercury in the sign of Scorpio. It also has Jupiter in Scorpio. This indicates that the Scorpio area of your own chart will be highly accentuated by living within the city of Seattle. If you have Scorpio rising, living in Seattle will trigger very strong desires to develop and to express yourself. If you have Scorpio on your eighth house of psychology, the occult, intimacy, closeness and deep sharing, and shared resources, you will find that this area of life is accentuated while living in Seattle. If you have the sign Scorpio on your sixth house, work, health and service will become very important themes in your life while residing in Seattle.

As you can see, relocation astrology can give you a much clearer sense of what parts of yourself will be brought out and accentuated in a particular place. This information can assist you in making wise choices about where you would like to live. It can give you more choice about which areas of your life will be brought forward in your experience, and some of the key issues that are likely to surface. It also reveals which personal gifts will be brought forth in a particular area.

If you decide to get your chart relocated, be sure to ask the astrologer which methods they are using. Vedic astrologers may have their own methods. Usually a blend of methods will give you more accurate information than Astro-Carto-Graphy or chart relocation alone.

Getting your astrological chart relocated can be a very enjoyable and informative experience. If you have very positive lines running through a particular area of the country, and have no inclination to live there, it may be that knowing about these lines could be helpful for future business ventures, or for travel. Relocation offers a lot of hope: if your dreams aren’t coming true in your present location, there are always other possibilities you can try. My best wishes to you in finding just the right place to fulfill your heart’s desires.