Past life Regression: A Tool for Present Life Expansion

by Nancy Kahn

Copyright 1997, Nancy Kahn, all rights reserved

Reprinted from the August 1997 issue of THE NEW TIMES, Seattle, WA

I have been a past life regressionist for twenty years, and never cease to marvel at the way in which this form of therapy seems to aid people in their lives. I am a professional astrologer as well as a past life regressionist, and always do the chart of any client who comes to see me. Past life regressions are done through deep relaxation and guided imagery geared toward helping a person recall past life experiences. The philosophy behind a past life regression is that we have all lived before — many times. We will continue to reincarnate until we finally experience ourselves as who we really are, which is God. In order to have that final experience of God Realization, we need to release the fears, limitations and false ego patterns that block us from experiencing the truth about ourselves. At that point, our journey through reincarnation ends.

Some lives have left very strong imprints in our consciousness. Reliving them with a skilled regressionist can help to release old patterns that no longer serve us, or amplify patterns that may assist us as we move along our soul’s journey. I have found, over the years, that a past life regression seems to benefit most people in one of three ways: often they receive support for a new direction they are going in, such as a new career, spiritual growth, or artistic expression. Many people who are drawn to a past life regression are using it to heal wounds from the past that are still negatively influencing them. Lastly, people often remember significant past life experiences with people who are important in their lives right now.

I’d like to give you some examples from two clients that have recently come for a past life regression. In both of these examples, the people received support for new career directions. Julie was a hospital nurse whose career no longer felt fulfilling for her. Her astrological chart revealed that she had an overly developed sense of duty and tended to override her real feelings. Her inner parent and inner child were in conflict. This kept her working most of the time, because she tended to judge some of the real feelings that would have kept her from being so dutiful.

In her regression, Julie explored three lives. In two of them, she discovered where this overly developed sense of duty came from. In the third, she went into a life as a monk at the time of Buddha, a monk who was actually in the presence of Buddha. She was a very light-hearted happy being, who trusted and flowed with her feelings. She went from town to town teaching the truths that she had learned, without worry or care about money. Somehow she always got fed; there was always enough. She was very happy, and learned how to function in higher dimensions of consciousness.

As a result of her session, Julie decided that she wanted to expand her present career to teaching about subtle energy healing through touch, and through doing a lot more therapeutic touch with her patients. I called Julie a couple of weeks after her past life regression session to get permission to use her as an example in this article, and she reported that she is now able to tap into the energy from the life as a monk. She is beginning to experience happiness for the first time, and has a true model of happiness that she can move toward.

When Grace came for her regression, she was involved in a career that she was not excited about. Her astrological chart revealed that she was predominantly of the fire element, an element that need to feel enthused and excited about any activity. Grace explored three lives. In the first, she was a spiritual healer and herbalist who used her voice,through toning and singing, to literally infuse the herbs with amplified healing power. She also used her voice to help people to heal.

In the second life, Grace was a monk who tapped into higher dimensions of consciousness and experienced a very deep connection with God. As a monk, she fertilized the other monks in their spiritual growth, through teaching by her example. In the third life, she was a wealthy man who spent many hours in study and used writing as a vehicle to spread the ideas that he felt were most valuable.

The upshot of Grace’s regression was that she felt empowered to begin preparing for a new career, one in which she would teach workshops in large corporations to fertilize the participants with spiritual and more humanistic understandings, delivered in a subtle form that they would find palatable.

For many, a past life regression will enable them to relive and release old baggage that no longer serves them. Trauma from the past can keep us blocked in the present. Deep soul issues often surface in a regression. With a skilled regressionist, there is the opportunity to examine what happened and to release and to heal the past.

For example, Mary was married to a philanderer. Her husband had numerous affairs and did not treat her well. Her astrological chart revealed a deep distrust of men. Through regression, she went into a life in which she was enslaved by the opposing army and forced to be the mistress of one of the officers, who turned out to be her present husband! She was forced to be a dancing girl for the troops, all against her will.

Reliving these memories was a very powerful experience for Mary, and she cried throughout the session. However, we were able to do a lot of healing around that life. The results were very dramatic. Mary divorced her husband, something she had been thinking about doing for a long time. She let go of a lifelong sense of inhibition and discomfort around men! She is now involved in a love relationship, and feels comfortable with all aspects of relating.

When Laurie came for a regression, she was involved with a man who she felt should really be a good friend. She was having a hard time breaking the relationship off. She remembered a life in which she had been with a soul mate, and relived the beautiful feelings of spiritual peace, love and joy that they had felt with each other. This experience gave her a deeper sense of trust that she could really have the kind of relationship that she wanted, and that she didn’t have to settle for something less than that as a compromise.

For some, there is a desire to know about important people in their lives. Pat came to me for a regression because she was in a soulmate relationship with her partner and wanted to know about past lives in which they knew each other. She remembered a life in which they had both been men, and had been the best of friends, climbing mountains together and sharing many important experiences. This connection was so positive that in this lifetime they have very few problems as man and wife, and feel a very deep sense of affinity with each other.

I am hoping that these examples will give you a sense of the potential value of a past life regression. Though regressions are cetainly not for everyone, for many, reliving memories of past lifetimes can aid in creating a richer and fuller life in the present.

I presently practice Past life Regression in the state of Washington. If you are looking for a regressionist and live in another state, try calling The Association for Past life Research. My last phone number for them was 909-784-1570.

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