Past Life Regressions With Astrology

An Interview with Nancy Kahn
by Candy Cribbs

Reprinted from the August 1990 issue of THE NEW TIMES, Seattle, WA

Fascination grips me every time someone brings up the subject of past-life regressions. Recently, I learned of a technique that takes the benefits of regression one step beyond…astrology!

Nancy Kahn uses astrology as a tool to help guide her during her past-life regression work. Nancy has been a professional past-life regressionist and astrologer for over 13 years now [20 years as of 1997], and is able to use her intuition in combining the two, and to formulate the best results possible in each session.

Candy: Tell us about your work with past-life regressions.

Nancy: A past-life regression is actually done through a series of relaxation techniques that are designed to help you to recall past lifetimes. When I do it, it’s a two-hour session. The person usually goes into two or three lives in depth, which can shed a lot of light on their present life issues.

When you’re regressing, you usually get the memories through images you’re seeing. It’s like laying there with your eyes closed, watching a movie. Usually you remember things you wouldn’t dream up in your wildest imagination. What people remember is not what they would fantasize, and that gives it more validity.

I watch their eyes for “rapid eye movement.” We do it when we dream. Our eyeballs are moving underneath our closed eyelids. It looks like the lids are fluttering a little bit. That shows me they’re in a state where they can access the memories easily.

Candy: what is the purpose of past-life regression work combined with astrology?

Nancy: Since I am a professional astrologer, I always do the person’s chart who is having the regression. The chart shows your karma from past lives. It points out all the potentials you have, and the talents and abilities you brought in. It also shows you your weaknesses, and the lessons that your soul hasn’t mastered yet. Often what comes up in a regression relates to the ways in which the relationship to your parents and childhood affects the way in which you operate in the present.

Using the chart is a very valuable tool for me because it helps me to get a better sense of how to guide a person when they are in the session. I might not even say a word to the person about their chart, but I’m using it because it shows me a lot about their issues. It helps me to know what to say to them when we’re processing the memories that come up.

Candy: What is the theory behind past lives?

Nancy: The idea is that everyone is God, but none of us are fully conscious of ourselves as God. We’re somewhere along a path in which we’re unfolding who we really are. The idea is that when we come to the end of that journey, you experience yourself as who you really are…and who you’ve been all along, which is God.

At that point, you look back on all of these lives as just a dream. But they serve a purpose because in each life the soul is learning about very definite issues. Basically, I think we’re in this dimension of the earth plane, or growth plane, to learn. So each life is, in a sense, bringing us closer to a goal. Sometimes it seems questionable because some people have lives that seem to pull them further from the goal, but I figure that we probably have every experience we need in order to get there.

It’s important to understand that the lives finally end, and that you do finally experience yourself as who you’ve always been. It’s like the one God is trying to awaken within each of us, and we’re forced to deal with all of our issues. That’s when past life regression can be helpful.

Candy: Would a person be able to use a regression session towards enhancing the positive traits in their chart?

Nancy: I find that it’s really good for three things: as a support for present life trends, as a confirmation that you’ve lived before; and more importantly to some people, to actually relieve and release problem areas that are holding you back.

Sometimes in a session people will work with problem areas, but they’ll also hit on a very beautiful, positive past life.

The last regression I did was with a man who had really had a hard time in this life. I don’t think he’d been a very honest business man. His whole business had folded, and he had to file a Chapter 11 bankruptcy. His whole life seemed to be destroyed. We first went into a life which I believe was one of his major problems. The second life hit on another problem area, too. And then the third life was a life he’d led as a really beautiful woman, who had been a very high, pure being, doing wonderful things. It was so uplifting for him to know that he had actually been this person.

He used the rest of the session working with guided imagery, so that he could figure out how to reconnect with this really wonderful part of himself…because everything you’ve been is who you are now. His chart showed that he had all sorts of positive karma from his past lives, so it really supported that he had been this person. I have found that this is the major enhancement that people get out of past-life regression.

Spiritual support is one of the main benefits that people get from a regression. Another thing that comes up regularly is artistic unfoldment, support for present-life creativity, or an interest in healing.

Candy: How is it used for changing old patterns?

Nancy: I have release techniques that are designed to bring up the old feelings, old decisions, or judgments that the person may have made in that life which is unconsciously affecting their present life. Sometimes w work with forgiveness in a session, too; forgiving themselves for what they did, or forgiving other people involved. The release techniques are important, because when you can bring up all the points around an issue, and you’re allowed to experience everything, then your soul can let it go. Often the reason why people are holding this stuff is because they didn’t get to experience what they needed to when it happened. They get to experience it in the regression session.

Candy: Can you give me some examples of how past life regressions work on people?

Nancy: One woman had been abused by her father in a past life. She was still holding on to the anger, and still thinking that sex was something she had to submit to. We got out all of the feelings from that life, and it helped release some of her negative feelings about sex in this life. She got a chance to express all the feelings she never expressed to her father, because she was too afraid.

Mostly, people are victims, but the karma seems to be just as difficult. They may need to get out of that pattern of being the victim. There’s a very difficult karma connected with the way in which their soul interpreted the experience that they had — so it doesn’t matter that they weren’t the bad guy. Occasionally, however, someone comes along who did something quite negative.

Sometimes physical problems are carried over from the past lives. One woman had an unexplainable arm problem, which could not be diagnosed. She went into a life where she had been a trapper. She was not a humane trapper, and the animals died rather painfully. In that life she was mauled by a bear, in the arm. And it was the same arm, and the same pains that the doctors could not currently diagnose. she had to release the guilt associated with being a trapper. When you’ve got guilt, you’re going to create punishment. so she had to release the guilt.

Past life regression is a wonderful way to work with problem areas because you can go to the very root of it. That doesn’t mean that the whole problem automatically gets solved. But when you release the root, you’ve done one major piece of work on that problem.
Candy: How do you determine where on the astrological chart it reflects the focal point of the problem.
Nancy: Because I’ve been doing astrology for so long, once I get started I can look at their chart and usually know which aspects they’re working on.

Candy: Do you prescribe affirmations to the people to use once the problem has been identified?

Nancy: Often, yes. There is no one way that it might work. I might prescribe affirmations, we might work on forgiveness, they might work on creating a more loving inner parent, or connect more deeply with their inner male or female and get information on how to develop that side of themselves.

Candy: Does everyone remember past life experiences visually?

Nancy: The majority of people remember through images, but not everyone. Some people actually remember through feelings that they get in their body. Some people just have a couple of images and then they know what happened in the rest of that life.

Candy: Would you say it’s better for a person to go to a professional regressionist rather than try it on their own?

Nancy: It would be best to go to a professional, because you’re not going to have that objectivity to know how to work with the issues; otherwise, it wouldn’t be an issue!

For further information about past life regression sessions or astrology, Nancy Kahn can be reached at 206-992-6091. Nancy’s e-mail address is