Visit Matrix Software for Astrology Software, Interative Oracles, NewAge Marketplace — online shopping, Astro*Talk Online Newsletter, Astrologers Database, Astrology Message Boards, and more….

Visit Find Your Goddess Archetype for information on all of the major Greek goddesses and the role they play in your psyche and consciousness. This website contains a very special Goddess Quiz, so that you can find out which goddesses are most prominent in your life.

Psychic Awakenings! A safe haven for sensitive people to develop their psychic abilities.

Lovely Symbola Art by Lahrinda personal energy mandalas, attuned to you through astrology, numerology and sacred geometry.

Very fine articles and books on spiritual astrology and psychology by Greg Bogart.

Information about Avatar Meher Baba

Information about Avatar Meher Baba Trust A complete directory of professional astrologers, courses for fun or certification, services and products.

The Astrology Shop on-line. Astrology books plus Liz Greene’s psychological reports. These analysis are created using intelligent software.

Equinox Astrology – range of unique astrological reports created using a text and computer software written by astrologer, Robert Currey, plus Lunar Calendar.

My Pathways. Love & Money, Work & Relationships – Amazingly accurate & detailed personal psychic readings by phone, chat, email. Free Minutes.

A profile of the unusual life of Jim Lewis, pioneer of Astro*Carto*Graphy. World Astro-Carto-Graphy maps are also available at this site.

SoulWorks offers renewing retreats and creative coaching experiences of personal growth and self-discovery that support people in reclaiming the vitality of the Soul. Earth Wisdom Retreats focus on a connection with nature and wilderness as a source of wisdom, vision, guidance and Soul recovery.

Personal Growth from Self – is the most complete guide to information about Personal Growth on the internet.

Voices of the First Nations Peoples – discusses the true history of Native Americans and some of their sacred traditions.

Psychic Directory – I would like to give a free psychic reading to anyone that needs it.