Nancy KahnMy spiritual search began in my 20’s. At age 29, I made a spiritual pilgrimage to India for a month, and met the closest disciples of Meher Baba, a Christ-like spiritual master who is no longer alive. I was high on all the love that flowed there for the entire month.

Since then, my journey with Meher Baba has blossomed, and I have received much help and guidance from him. I received a great deal of help with my own emotional and spiritual issues. This has aided me in my work and consultations with many of my clients.

I have been a professional astrological counselor since 1976. I am also an astrology teacher, writer, lecturer, workshop leader, life coach and past life regressionist. I am a clinical hypnotherapist, with much hands-on experience helping people to heal their childhood and past-life wounds. I am the author of a book on psychological/spiritual astrology, The Astrology of the Inner Family.

My goal is to use my astrological wisdom to help my clients and students to identify and release limiting beliefs and behavior patterns that may be preventing them from realizing their highest potential, and to aid them in achieving deep fulfillment in their lives, and in their relationships. I use my knowledge to make my clients aware of all of their gifts, even those they may not be using. I have an avid interest in spiritual development, and bring the fruits of my own spiritual journey as well as my professional expertise to all that I do.

My astrology readings include information on preventive health and the coming year. My goal is to balance body, mind, and spirit through my readings.

I am a former board member of the Washington State Astrological Association, where I played an active role in helping to promote a deeper concept of “community” among my fellow astrologers. I taught astrology at the University of Illinois Circle Campus in Chicago.

Along with my extensive study of astrology, I have studied and used the work of Carl Jung and Roberto Assagioli (Psychosynthesis), and practiced Voice Dialogue and Clinical Hypnotherapy in my efforts to aid my clients in healing challenging issues in their lives. I am certified as a clinical hypnotherapist by The Wellness Institute in Issaquah, WA. I have done advanced studies with Jamal Rahman in Seattle, WA.

I am an entertaining and articulate speaker, and have frequently appeared on both radio and television, speaking on both astrology and past life regression. I have created and led workshops and classes on many themes, seeking to combine astrology with transformational healing. I have presented my work at large astrological conferences, and was a presenter at UAC (the United Astrology Conference), the largest astrological conference in the world. My writing has been published locally (in the state of Washington), and nationally.